About Us

James Investment Partners was established in 2001 to focus on the acquisition, renovation and management of multifamily assets located in primary and secondary markets on the West Coast.

Our properties are well-located within their submarkets and offer significant value appreciation through strategic physical enhancements, focused management, rent maximization and expense reduction.

Our team applies institutional best-practices to acquiring, renovating and operating properties on behalf of private, high-net-worth individual investors, institutions and family offices.

Our goal is to deliver consistent cash flow and high residual profits to our investors through the ownership of multifamily assets in growth markets.

Investment Criteria

Asset Quality

Buildings that provide the opportunity to increase revenue through exterior, common area, unit interior and amenity upgrades.


Improving areas within primary and secondary growth markets, close to transportation, retail, schools and parks.


Properties whose operations can be significantly improved by implementing institutional-quality asset management practices.


Assets with the potential to deliver average cash returns of at least 5%, internal rates of return of 15% or greater, and net equity multiples in excess of 1.5x over a five-year investment horizon.